Dr. Jaime A. Bastidas, MD

Dr. Bastidas is a board-certified plastic surgeon and earned his MD at Rutgers Medical School. He has been performing cosmetic plastic surgeries for over 15 years and is a front-runner in the field of utilizing modern procedures and techniques. Dr. Bastidas has trained with leading hair transplant experts in the United States and is capable of performing the most advanced procedures that are now available.

Dr. John A. Chuback, MD

Dr. Chuback is the medical director at Chuback Medical Group and is revered as one of the Top Doctors in New Jersey. He has been specializing in office-based minimally invasive surgery for more than ten years. A pioneer in minimally invasive laser procedures, Dr. Chuback now offers his patients the latest innovations in hair transplantation. He completed his MD at Rutgers Medical School. Dr. Chuback is a board-certified General Surgeon and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He aspires to the highest quality of care for his patients.