The Capillus Laser Cap®

The Capillus Laser Cap is the first FDA approved, laser-supported cap to help treat hair loss using low level laser energy that stimulates hair follicle activity and spurs growth of new hairs. Under the direction of healthcare professional qualified to operate the Capillus Laser Cap for hair regrowth, this research-driven, hair regrowth technology can also be used in conjunction with medications, topical foams, hair transplant surgeries or as a stand-alone, hair growth treatment.


How Does Capillus Work to Promote New Hair Growth?

Low level laser technology supports numerous medical devices involved in skin cosmetic procedures, joint pain relief and minimally invasive surgeries. By targeting inactive hair follicles with re- energizing, LLL phototherapy, Capillus activates dysfunctional follicles still capable of producing new hairs.

Hair loss studies show that hair follicle health is often impaired by male/female pattern baldness (androgentic alopecia) or stress (telogen effluvium), During stress-related hair loss, trauma can actually stun hair follicles into inactivity, much like tasers stun people into inactive states. The term telogen effluvium refers to the fact that hair follicles are stuck in the telogen phase of hair development.

Pattern baldness appears to correlate with high DHT (a form of testosterone) levels in the scalp. DHT may promote hair follicle miniaturization, a condition causing hair follicles to shrink until they can no longer support the three stages of hair growth.

Low level laser energy provided by the Capillus Laser Cap effectively and safely stimulates unhealthy hair follicles by increasing the diameter of hair shafts, encouraging cellular metabolic processes advantageous to follicle health and stimulating synthesis of protein, a molecule essential for hair growth.


Why Use the Capillus Laser Cap?

  • Capillus is painless
  • Noninvasive
  • Doctor-directed
  • More affordable than hair transplant surgery
  • Does not cause any side effects
  • Requires no downtime


Ideal Candidates for the Capillus Laser Cap

Men and women suffering various degrees of hair loss due to chronic stress, physical trauma, excessive DHT levels in the scalp, inheriting pattern baldness genes or taking medications that cause hair follicle inactivity are considered excellent candidates for Capillus. Although some hair loss conditions may not respond to LLL therapy, it is best to consult with a professional Capillus Laser Cap provider to determine whether you would make a good candidate for Capillus hair regrowth treatment.


Capillus Results

Before and after images are patients who have used Capillus, not patients of Contemporary Hair Transplant