Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Dr. Bastidas and Dr. Chuback Operating.

The doctors at Chuback Medical Group utilize Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a new hair transplantation technique that is delivering superior results with no linear scaring. Because FUE is comparable to strip harvesting in the number of follicles that can be collected during one treatment, it is also comparable in minimizing the number of treatments that a person will need, reducing cost, down time, and discomfort. In many cases, patients will only need a single treatment with FUE.

Each follicular unit (FU) is physiologically and anatomically unique, so it is very important to choose the FU that will be more likely to do well in the new location. Failing to do that can mean results that are not as significant as the client had hoped for. To avoid that risk as much as possible, considerable skill is needed from the medical professional who is performing the FUE and relocating the hair follicles to another part of the scalp. One FU at a time is removed, in a process that takes longer than strip harvesting but that is also far more precise.

A main goal of FUE is keeping the hair follicles intact during the process of harvesting them from their donor location. A skilled doctor, like the doctors at Chuback Medical Group, can do this correctly, and will be able to provide more intact follicles, which will give those follicles a better chance of growing well when they have been relocated.

As FUE has evolved, the rate of transection (the cutting off of the follicle, rendering it unsuitable for transplant) has been greatly reduced. For patients who are good candidates for FUE, the rate of transection is targeted to be 3% or less, providing the best chance for a successful outcome.

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